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How Wintega works

We provide tourists with quality information about accommodation facilities
We collect large amounts of data on places of residence, surrounding infrastructure, leisure opportunities, transfers and more so that our clients can make the best choice when choosing a place for vacation or a business trip.
We merge data from the largest aggregators
We sign direct contracts with large international companies that aggregate accommodation facilities. We only work with reliable companies that have a "best price" agreement with accommodation facilities, because we work with no extra charges or hidden fees.
We write unique, high-quality articles (over 2.5 billion characters)
With the help of our technical developments, we were able to analyze large amounts of data and provide copywriters and translators with structured data, which they then used to create such a large number of articles (several million). Without modern technical solutions, this would be practically impossible.
Big data
There are over 100,000 tables in our Database. For many years we have been collecting data from paid and free sources (Wikidata, Yandex, etc.), which we then analyze, structure and combine in order to provide our clients with better information about the place they plan to go.
Artificial intelligence
There are tasks that only top-end technologies can take on. For example, we train neural networks to recognize what is shown in photographs. It sometimes happens that hoteliers upload photos in reverse order and the bathroom becomes the main photo of the room.
We provide customer support
We process many questions from tourists daily. We are happy to help tourists and, in return, questions from tourists help us. With the help of your questions, we are able to further improve the service so that other holidaymakers do not ask similar questions in the future.
We develop linguistic software systems
All of the written information in services with millions of pages cannot be manually corrected. We have to program the grammar of different languages to ensure the dynamic information on the site is organic and understandable.
We develop cartographic software systems
Tourism is directly tied to cartography. People are always interested in the location of the accommodation facility, the nearby attractions, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, subway, beaches and ski slopes, etc. We develop our own software systems that are able to quickly calculate many cartographic parameters that change every day.
Non-stop development
In order for you to be able to use relevant technical innovations in a few years' time, we are developing them today. We "know" that in a few years you will want to book an interesting excursion or a table at a popular restaurant while making a hotel reservation, or learn more about the place you are visiting from an audioguide. And much more...
We buy professional photos
We work with professional photographers and buy material from photo stocks because we believe that this way our clients will be able to make the best choice.
We support modern engineering and technical infrastructure
At peak times, tens of thousands of requests come to our servers in a very short period of time. To withstand the load, we use state-of-the-art equipment and provide high-quality customization and support.
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